Wave Wave New



Wave Wave has been Rebuilt from the ground up with all new enhanced visuals and game play! Get ready to rediscover the game.

Wave up and down to avoid the gauntlet of triangles.

Hectic. Extreme. Addictive. Racing. Tumultuous.
Blitzing. Electric. Anaerobic. Treacherous.

Wave Wave was selected as part of the PAX Australian Indie Showcase 2014.

* Fearless game play.
* Fall into ‘the zone’ where your brain switches off.
* Overcome mind-to-finger-to-screen latency.
* Includes incredible 8 track album ‘Parallel Processing’.
* 4 modes of play, 5 difficulties, 10 challenges.
* 5 insurmountable Google Play Games Achievements.
* Play Versus Mode and take it in turns to win.
* Record game play on-device to share online.

This game will test you.





Launch Week Sale at 70% Off at .99.  Full Price $2.99

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