Bitcoin Billionaire Update – Bitstone To The Past

Bitcoin Billionaire is going prehistoric with the massive Bitstone to the Past update!


developed by Fizzpow

What is the sound of one hand tapping? The return of Bitcoin Billionaire that is what!

After a huge launch, the idle clicker that really set the pace for mobile clickers everywhere is back with an update that triples, yes triples, the amount of content! The update hits iTunes Aug 6th and Android Aug 13th.

Players might remember that eventually you are prompted to invest in time travel in the original game. Well now that investment is paying off as the time machine is active and players can be transported to the prehistoric era in Bitstone to the Past!

Enter a new world filled with dinosaurs, fossils, and woolly mammoths that double as vacuum cleaners. Brand new investments, upgrades, news ticker items, and more, all waiting for your tap-happy hands to unlock.

The update features 25 new investments, 4 new rooms, 20+ room items, new achievements as well as a new rare item and re-investment system for both eras that opens up endless mining opportunities.

The game also includes a new supercharges to get the most out of your taps and investments along with a handful of UI improvements, social leaderboards, stats and cloud saving between devices.

It is time to get sucked back into the world of endless tapping. The only question is, do you have the Bitstones for it?

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