We love games. We love the double-jumping, the power-uping, and the pew-pew-pewing. We make games, but we also help to bring other developers' games to a larger audience.


As an indie studio at heart, we understand that dealing with publishers can be off putting. We’ve heard horror stories about developer mistreatment and their games not being supported the way they deserve.

So when we decided to branch out into the world of publishing, we made it our goal to treat developers the way we wanted to be treated. Like people not numbers. In fact, we find the term PARTNER is much more fitting for what we do.


    We love making and playing games. So not only can we help with all the business stuff, we can aid in development as well. Be it consulting on art, game mechanics, monetization or more, we want to help you make the best game possible. Essentially our studio becomes your studio too!


    It is no secret that the mobile game market has become extremely crowded these days. Fortunately we have been able to personally connect with all the major gaming sites and the app stores have featured our games in various capacities. We will ensure it gets in front of the right people.


    The more amazing games we work with, the bigger our player base gets. So when we launch a game we are able to let everyone know about it, be it in-game or through social media platforms. The more the merrier!


    The overhead after a game release sometimes can be overwhelming. Especially if there are bugs or other issues. We are familiar with both the iOS and Android platforms and can squash bugs and handle customer support for you so you can keep doing what you do best. Making great games!


We are best known for our iOS and Android games but don't let that fool you! We are expanding our releases into desktop markets like Steam, Humble and itch.io and hoping to bring some amazing titles to the PS4, Xbox 1 and Nintendo Switch. If you have a dream of releasing a console game, we can help that happen.


Ready to show us your game? Great! Before you do, here are some tips to help you with your pitch.

  1. Tell us about your game right away. Don’t worry about revenue shares and crazy NDAs before you even tell us your idea. We have no desire or time to rip you off.
  2. We are not interested in republishing a game that is already out. Please come to us BEFORE it is released on a specific platform.
  3. We won’t make a decision on a game we haven’t played so have a playable demo ready to go. You can either send us an APK or add publishing@noodlecake.com to your TestFlight account.
  4. Please don’t pitch clones or rip offs of other people’s games. Coming up with your own spin on a popular mechanic is fine, just don’t reskin Flappy Bird for the billionth time.
  5. If you’re submitting a gameplay video, get to the gameplay right away. Showing us 2 minutes of menu navigation is a real snooze fest.
  6. Do you have a great story behind the game? Don’t leave that out. If you aren’t excited about your game we probably won’t be either.
  7. Please give us at least a week to play your game and give some feedback. We have lots of submissions to sort through and only a few people to do it.
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