Sacre Bleu

Sacre Bleu is a hack’n’slash musketeer adventure where you bust out of prison using a steampunk blunderbuss. Master bullet-time combat, steam-powered platforming and the best pretend French you’ll find anywhere!

developed by Hildring Studio

Take on the role of captain of the French Musketeers who is thrown into the prison of la Bastille! On false charges, no less! You must hack’n’slash your way out aided by the brilliant inventor Josephine and her creation the steam-propelled-blunderbuss.

Fight Monstrous Bosses
Someone has turned the French aristocracy into giant bile-spewing zombies! Uncover a plot against France herself while the onion-soup thickens.

Graceful yet deadly combat
Use your blunderbuss and various arsenal of weapons to turn combat into an elegant, bullet-time, aerial-ballet. Hone your skills defeating enemies to achieve the highest combat grades. Doing so you’ll unlock even tougher levels to test your sword and skills.

Explore la Bastille
The prison of la Bastille is vast! Explore the Armoury, Sewers and Kitchens as you work to build an airship for your daring escape. On your journey you’ll find secrets tucked away in shadowy corners that unlock still further challenges.

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