What the heck happened in 2012?! Well in a word. Lots.

2012 was a crazy year for us. As you know we started porting and publishing games for indie developers to Android and it has been a wild ride to date. We have seen a lot of success and because of that, have started publishing games not just on Android, but iOS as well. At one point we even decided to release one game a week with our Game A Week Project (GAWP) and managed to do so for almost 3 months straight, which was no easy task. Though it was fun, we probably won’t be doing that again anytime soon. All in all we couldn’t be happier with the results of our porting and publishing efforts but more than that, we have been able to forge amazing relationships with dev teams all over the globe which has been the best part. And you have lots to look forward to in 2013 with the critically acclaimed Punch Quest coming to Android, as well as some other great games like Zombie Roadtrip (both iOS and Android), Block Block, Box Cat, Bloop, Micro Miners and more.

But now for what you really came for, the SSG2 news. You will be glad to hear that the game has turned into something more than we really could’ve hoped for, and it is not even done yet! The extra development time we needed has really added to the overall quality of the game and we hope it shows when you actually get your hands on it. The new courses are all ridiculously fun to play, and we hope are accessible to both beginners and SSG veterans. All the new interactive environmental elements like portals, gravity boosters, sticky walls and kinematic objects create something entirely new, yet familiar, in the SSG world.

The new multiplayer mode has also been a welcome addition and is so much fun to play. We really feel like turn based matches are going to be a huge hit, maybe even more so than the traditional campaign of the game. There is nothing better than hitting a sick shot and making your opponent cower in defeat as they watch the replay on their turn. For those of you who want something more frantic and fast paced, you will be glad to hear we not only have optimized the race mode, but for local games we have started working on adding up to 8 players at once. If you want mayhem, trust me when I say local 8 player race mode will be your bag. And for those of you who want to play online, you will still be able to hit up the traditional 2-4 player race as well.

So what is our timeline? Well it depends on a number of key factors but we are still on pace for a Q1 release. We will be sending out a version for some alpha testing soon and then followed up by larger scale beta testing. The beta testing will really dictate how much longer we need to work on the game as there are bound to be bugs we havent found yet. I know lots of you have expressed interest in beta testing so when the time comes, you will hear from us about how you can sign up.

In the meantime here are few more screen shots to hopefully tide you over. Note that these were taken from an in progress build so the pars are not set for all the courses yet and the frame rate and time played counters should be ignored.

It is hard to believe it is only one week into 2013, but with all the things we have coming up, it looks like it is going to be a hell of a year!

Team Noodlecake