Things have been a bit quiet around the old Noodlecake HQ these past few weeks. And for good reason. We have been gearing up for some serious holiday cheer in a number of games and the fun starts this week!

Flappy Golf 2 – Dec 1st

After some heated conversations we decided to bring back the iap to remove ads! We know that a lot of you could care less and will never buy this, however there were a lot of you that also wanted it as an option. So for those who did, rejoice! You can now play ad free!fireball

We also decided to add in some new characters or “crazy balls” as they have been dubbed. These balls are a little more flashy than the regular ones with more animations and particle effects. These are premium characters that can only be purchased with the new Golden Eggs, which have also been added to the game. Golden Eggs can either be purchased or earned through our new referral system or awarded by completing the last day of the Daily Race challenge.

Zombie Road Trip & Bitcoin Billionaire – Dec 8th

Two staples of our game catalogue that just keep on giving! With Zombie Road Trip we re-activated the Holiday Cars Bundle from years past.  As well snow and presents have been littered throughout the terrain to give it that great “Hey let’s run over some zombies this Christmas!” feeling. There is also a brand new set of prehistoric cars to unlock. Because nothing screams Santa like a car shaped like a T-Rex…

screenshot-0111Bitcoin Billionaire also has some great new holiday themed items for you to unwrap. New holiday themed room items like Elves, Candy Canes, Robo Santas and more can be unlocked in each era as well there are some cool new holiday pets. And it can now snow in game! Better get a coat.

Oh, and the new themed items will be added to the iMessage sticker pack for those of you on iOS who are into that sort of thing.

Super Stickman Golf 3 – Dec 15th

ssg3-iconThis might be the biggest gift under the update tree this year. Firstly, SSG3 will get fully Christmas-ized with some limited time holiday golfers and in game UI skins. We will also be adding a variety of new holiday themed courses to the downloadable courses section (for free!) master over coming weeks. That means you don’t need the premium upgrade to get them!

One thing that we were missing from launch was course/hole specific achievements like we had in SSG2. And boy did we hear about it. Well for all those cheevo hunters out there, we have a bunch of new unique challenges for you to master.

Lastly, we decided to spice up the Turn Based multiplayer by adding in all of the wacky real time race modes. Unlimited Nitros,  Sticky Lasers, Beach Ball mode and more can now all be played turn by turn at your leisure. Good stuff!


And what about new game launches you ask?

Well let me tell you this. 2017 is going to be a big one. Stay tuned for more details but from what I can see, we have over a dozen all new games coming in the first half of the year along with some ports of some unreal iOS games for all those Android fan boys clamoring for more content.

Stay frosty!

  • Team Noodlecake