Hey everyone!

We are excited to finally share some more details about our upcoming Android release, Another Case Solved! ACS is an awesome new puzzler from Ars Thanea Games, the team behind the awesomely addictive Puzzle Craft.

First and foremost, ACS will be released on both iOS and Android in the upcoming weeks.  However we are only handling all things Android (Google Play and Amazon). But don’t worry iOS users, the game will be out for you too and we will keep you posted on all things ACS regardless of platform as they happen!

In Another Case Solved you become a private detective and solve cases during the time of a curious candy conspiracy. Gather clues, track down witnesses and question suspects in this multi-layered puzzle game that combines the classic match 3 with a number of different puzzle types.

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Each aspect of being a private detective, such as questioning witnesses for example, is associated with its own unique mini puzzle game.  Using the tools at your disposal, you need to solve various crimes from all sorts of quirky characters and get to the bottom of the city wide candy conspiracy.

Another Case Solved will be released in the upcoming weeks on Android so stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook for the official announcement date! If you’re with gaming press that is not part of our usual press release send outs, and are looking to get early access to the game, please email for additional details.


– Team Noodlecake