Great news! Art of Rally is drifting its way to mobile platforms in December 2023!

Save 40% if you get it before launch! Price will go up to $7.99 USD 2 weeks after launch. Android users can pre-register now for free and then get the discounted price at launch.

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Race across the world through colorful and stylized environments in top-down view. Compete for first place in the leaderboards with daily and weekly challenges. Will you master the art of rally?

Experience the golden era of rally in Career mode, traveling across 78 stages from Finland to Sardinia, Norway, Japan, Germany, Kenya and Indonesia. Get behind the wheel of your favorite vintage cars, ranging from the 60’s to the 80’s, Group B, Group S and Group A.

From beginner-friendly options to driving modes that’ll challenge the most expert drivers, all players can tackle the races using their favorite rally driving tricks: Scandinavian flick, counter steering, left foot braking, handbrake turns.

Get your name out at the top of the Leaderboard in our daily and weekly challenges. Show off your driving skills, or simply your favourite landscapes, with the integrated Photo and Replay mode!

Follow us on our socials for further information and updates, and watch the trailer below!