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What is up friends!

So as you all probably know, we have been porting the massive and hugely popular 2d Crafting hit The Blockheads, over to Android the past few months.  Well we are happy to announce that the process is almost completed.  Other than a couple minor things we are  pretty much ready for launch.  However our plan to launch the game mid September unfortunately is going to change as a huge update is on the horizon for the game.

David Frampton, the super genius behind the game, has been hard at work on an awesome new update for the game. So in addition to all the goodness the game already has, this new update is going to include some really awesome things like trains and more that you can read all about from our friends at Touch Arcade.

So with 1.4 coming very soon, we decided it would only make sense to launch the Android version at the same time when the new iOS update goes live.  This way Android users wont feel left out because iOS users will have a ton of new content, plus the cross platform multiplayer will be live so everyone can play together!  Now I know you are thinking, “Great, now we have to wait another month jerks!”, which is valid, but the good news is David is almost done the update.  So realistically we are looking at a launch hopefully in the next 2 weeks.  Once he gets the update submitted to Apple, we are basically at their whim during the approval process, which can take from a few days up to a week at times.

Stay tuned to our Twitter for info on the date once we know more!


Team Noodlecake