Alto’s Adventure Launching on Android Feb 11th!

Hey everyone!

Well it is the news you all have been waiting for. Alto’s Adventure is finally coming to Android and it is next week! To celebrate, check out this awesome new trailer!

First off we want to say thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for the game. There has been a lot of extra work involved with this port compared to our other games because this version of Alto is going to be…free!!

After a much discussion with the Snowman team, we both decided that it would be worth converting Alto to a free to play title for Android. It was not an easy decision however. We really wanted to ensure that the integrity, beauty and fun of the game was not lost behind paywalls, timers and everything people dislike about free to play.

Premium games have also had hard time with piracy on Android and in the current state of mobile, the majority of players do not pay for games. So we took games like Crossy Road as inspiration on how to do free to play fairly without losing the core gameplay experience of Alto’s Adventure.

For more information about our decision, and the specific changes we made to the game, please check out The Verge’s exclusive interview with Ryan and Ryan from Snowman and Noodlecake.

In the meantime, stay tuned to our and Alto’s twitter for news and other good stuff!

Team Noodlecake!