So, I had some spare time and was playing around in my studio… I thought it might be cool to develop a quick little game that used binaural audio somehow. I looked at a lot of methods of actually doing the stereo recording, but that all required special equipment that i just don’t have. After some quick research, I came across the head-related transfer function.. Ya some pretty cool stuff.. And it turns out, logic has a pretty sweet plugin that does exactly that.

I didn’t really want to write this, as I don’t really have too too much experience with dsp other than some basic filters. I couldn’t really find an lgpl library or free for commercial-use library out there that I could integrate into an iPhone/iPod game… So I just started exporting looped audio samples every 15 degrees… I guess if I can’t do the audio dynamically, I’ll just write the game so it cross-fades between audio layers. It actually turned out really really well.

I finished up some basic design for the game and got a prototype going. It actually works quite well. If you close your eyes it even helps to locate the direction of the audio. The audio will actually simulate the direction of a torpedo for the game… Since it’s actually an egg shaker, the torpedo’s will be propelled by the revolutionary ‘egg shaker propulsion’.

Game should almost be ready to go.. I’ll repost in another week or so with a demo video..