We’re excited to announce that Farm Punks, developed by Sleeping Giant Games and published by Noodlecake Studios is now available on iOS & Android!

Farm Punks completely embodies the indie game spirit – it’s an innovative game made by a small team of passionate (and very talented) folks who have spent untold hours crafting something special and we’re very proud to have lent these guys a hand in making it happen.

What is Farm Punks? Well, the genre might be best summed up as a “Fruit Roller”. If that sounds unfamiliar it’s because Farm Punks is something special indeed. In the game, you blast your quirky fruit (like hipster avocados, granny apples and groovy raisins) out of a cannon and roll them down the mountain in order to sell them for increasingly large quantities of money. The further you roll, the more they’re worth and you spend that cash to buy and upgrade wacky fruit trees in order to roll further and earn more. Complete your fruit-o-dex, plant the Ultimate tree or roll your fruit as far as possible to put up a high score in the leaderboard–Farm Punks offers many fun and exciting way to play.

The game features 84 unique and memorable fruit characters, a handful of beautiful biomes and a playful pupper named Pilot.

It’s available now on the App Store and the Google Play Store

Pilot the dog

if you have any press released questions please email us at press@noodlecake.com. Any issues with the game please refer to support+farmpunks@noodlecake.com