ATTENTION! – The ball trail glitch has been fixed in the most recent update.  But there is still a graphical glitch on Everest Hole 8 where the Egg is behind a rock. This was not intended and should be corrected in a later update. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.58.53 AM

Over the next few hours, then highly anticipated update to Flappy Golf should be going live! Fans have been salivating at the idea of new content so here is what you can expect:

– New Courses.  We have retrofitted 20 courses from the original SSG for you to get your flap on in.  Die hard SSG fans will recognize the likes of The Tar Sands, The Haunted Hills, The Slew, The Cliffs, Rooftops and more!

– Characters.  One thing we have learnt is that everyone who plays Flappy Golf loves the multiplayer.  So instead of just letting you customize your ball colour, we went 1 step further with unlockable characters, both conventional and down right weird.  Who doesn’t want to flap around a golf course on the moon as a piece of toast? I know I do.

– Ball Trails.  To add an extra level of customization we brought over all the ball trails from Super Stickman Golf 2® as well.  So what is better than playing as toast on mars? Toast with a rainbow trail on mars. Duh.

– Eggs.   The big question with the ball trails and characters is, “how do you unlock them?”.  Well eggs is the answer.  Like Golf Bux, eggs are found floating in levels and can be earned from multiplayer matches.  And you can get a ton of them from playing multiplayer, 8 player games especially.  To encourage players to not rage quit games early, eggs will be rewarded just for completing holes, as well bonuses based on how you rank at the end of the match. We wanted to engage players to just keep playing even if they are not as good as their competitors. Everyone wins basically!  And no, there are NO iAP’s to get more eggs faster. They are part of the game as is and the only iAP is the remove ad option.

We really hope you guys enjoy the additions to this game that almost never came out.


Team Noodlecake