Well this was unexpected!

When we launched our FlappyJam game, we honestly did not expect much to come from it.  We did know it was fun at least, so that is why we decided to actually put it out there.  I guess we weren’t wrong because a lot of you have played it and a lot of you seem to really like it!

So we decided we should do at least one update to add a little more meat to the game.  Based on your feedback and a few ideas of our own, the new version is going to probably be the definitive version of this little game that could.

Update Notes:

– Added an iAP to Remove the Banner Ads

– Created a new “Super Star” Challenge mode. Collecting these stars isn’t for the faint of heart!

– REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER! That’s right. You can now flap in real time against up to 8 friends (locally) in a wild race to the cup.  It is a stupid amount of fun! Unfortunately the race mode has yet to be implemented on Android but might come in the future.

– Bug Fixes.  There were some wrong pars and weird glitches with the first version.  Hopefully we squashed all of those bugs without creating any new ones (knock on wood).

– Facebook and Twitter sharing.  Did you get a ridiculously low flap count and want to brag to your friends.  Well now you can!

The biggest omission is unfortunately leaderboards.  With the game broken down per hole and not by course like SSG2, we couldn’t decide on the best way to actually record this data.  We might figure out something in the future but we really wanted to get this out ASAP. So for now what will be, will be.

Anyways hope you guys enjoy the update! We submitted it to Apple today so hopefully it will be live in the next week or so.

– Team Noodlecake