So our FlappyJam game FINALLY got through review and is now available. We are a bit late to the party on this one but figured we would release the game all the same.

As mentioned in a previous post, Flappy Golf or Golfy Bird as it is known on Android, was a fun little one day project we did during the hay day of the FlappyJam.  Initially we were not going to release it but after playing it and getting lots of positive feedback, we decided what the heck? Why not?

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Flappy Golf is just a simple stripped down version of Super Stickman Golf 2®. In fact it is almost just another mode for the game.  We reused all the same courses but then took out all the characters, hats, power ups, levelling and just made it so you could “flap” your way to the hole instead of shooting for under par.  Star ratings are given to the amount of flaps it takes for you to get to the hole and that is pretty much it. Being a game-jam game, we didn’t want to treat this like a big release or anything.

Each hole can be played separately instead of being “tour based” like the original game and you must collect stars to open up new courses. However we wanted everyone to just have fun and play the game so any type of star will work to open later courses.

So far people really seem to be enjoying the game though so there is chance if enough people demand it, we might update it to include the classic multiplayer that everyone loves with SSG2.  Can you imagine 8 balls flapping at once to the hole? Sounds ridiculous so we might just do it. Plus we might add an iAP to remove the ads as that has been requested as well.

If you want some images you can get the press kit here.

2-1136x640 3-1136x640

5-1136x640 4-1136x640


Cheers and keep on flappin!