Big big news for all the Android lovers out there. We have sales on sales on sales and even a brand new game debut today. In the immortal words of Sam Jackson from Jurassic Park you better “hold onto your butts!”

First we are running another 99 cent Flash Sale for some of our favorite premium games on Google Play for one week. This includes the gorgeous Lumino City from State of Play Games, the RPG classic Mage Gauntlet from Rocketcat Games, the stylish and hilarious Sunburn! from Secret Crush and the epic space opera Last Horizon from Pixeljam. And if that wasn’t enough, we debuted another gem from Ravenous Games called Journey Below! All these games are marked down to 99 cents for the week including the debut of Journey Below which will move up to $2.99 USD next Thursday.

In Journey Below you will control a knight on his adventure to save the kingdom from an evil monster. The game is an auto-runner where you turn on wall collisions. You tap the left side of the screen to jump and the right side to attack. Each play session has 12 randomly generated levels and then you fight the boss. Each run is unique and designed for short-medium game sessions! Killing enemies adds to your combo counter and after each level you get to choose one of 3 upgrades that get randomly rolled.

Journey Below –
Trailer –

Other Games in the Sale:

Sunburn! –
Mage Gauntlet –
Lumino City –
Last Horizon –

This bundle has over $11 is savings!

And one last thing…

The award winning Chameleon Run is also on sale for 99 cents in celebration of Google Plays Ramadan promotion! This promotion is separate from our flash sale and runs until the 23rd. Good gravy that is a lot of stuff!

Chameleon Run –