Hey guys/gals/others

It has been a long time since we had a real talk. Just us. A heart to heart if you will. Well it’s time. Don’t be scared, it will be all over soon.

I’ve taken the liberty of paraphrasing some common questions you guys sent to us and hopefully I can give you some answers that will ease the Hulk-like rage building inside you.  So last time we talked, we were spouting off some nonsense about being able to port iOS games over to Android. Well from the look of all the banner images at the top of this page, that should be proof enough that our claims weren’t just crazy nonsense. Not to say that we aren’t actually crazy. The jury is still out on that one.

So GAWP is still a thing?

You bet! And we have some great stuff coming down the pipeline (keep reading to find out what). So far we have been working with some amazing developers and being able to help them bring their games to Android has frankly been a ton of fun. A lot of you Some of you, have even gone as far as to send us huge lists of games to port. Though we love hearing from you, unfortunately it’s not that simple as the developers have to be on board as well. In the end, we work with the dev teams we can, and have been able to bring out some super cool games of all types and genres. Just check out this nice screen grab from our Google Play store.  Sexy right?


Cool, but where the @$%# are my Super Stickman Golf® courses?!?!

In the words of Phil Fish from Indie Game: The Movie “We’re working on it!”. Being a small studio we have had to juggle a lot of balls things lately with the porting and our own development. Admittedly we haven’t had as much time to dedicate to SSG and Lunar Racer as we would like, but we are working on it. Firstly, Lunar Racer on iOS will be getting an overhaul with the new Moons and vehicle performance upgrades that can be found on the Android version. Oh yea, and the coveted Sausage Rocket. Expect that update soon.

Super Stickman Golf® on Android will be getting the expansion courses found on the iOS version so hold tight for that. Unfortunately those of you who want multiplayer on Android will probably have to keep waiting. Being real-time multiplayer, we have run into some issues with Android and we do not want to put out something that isn’t going to be acceptable by our standards. It sucks I know.

As for the future of Super Stickman Golf® as a whole…well lets just say we have something HUGE in the works.  I’m talking bigger than just expansion courses huge.  Just bear with us and I promise all will be revealed very soon.  You’re going to love it.

My rage has subsided for at least 24hrs. Any parting words?

How about I leak some of the upcoming games we are porting over to Android? Some of these do not have an official release date as of yet but expect them within the next few months. We are so excited about some of them I just had to spill the beans.  And we have some more great ones I cant even talk about yet!  Like always, stay tuned  on Facebook and Twitter and you will know what games are enroute.

One of the Best Word Games Available  


*in order from left to right

Letris 2 – An awesome word game. Simple, addictive and tons of depth.
Grandmas Garden – Hey, kids like to play games too ya know. And this is a great one for them! So shut up and give Grandma a kiss already.
Pixel Twist – An unqie pixel based, rotating puzzle game.  Very cool trust me.
Velocispider – Arcade shoot’em up action. Part spider, part velociraptor, all badass.
Shaman Doctor – Polished, frantic and super fun arcade action. Destroy those cells!
League of Evil – One of, if not the best mobile platforming action game available.

…so how pumped are you now Android users?

I am sufficiently pumped…wait what?

Well on that weird note, that’s all for now. If you enjoy any of the games we have ported for GAWP, be sure to give props to the original developers. Remember we are just porting them and we have to give credit to all the amazing teams who created the games and have helped make this all possible!


Team Noodlecake