After 2 years in development, Noodlecake is back with another instalment in the award winning Super Stickman Golf (SSG) series! And things will never be the same! 

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So why Golf Blitz and not Super Stickman Golf 4? Well there are a number of changes to the core fundamentals of SSG that we felt warranted more of a spin off than a direct sequel. Visibly players will notice the game is in portrait mode now and not landscape. With that, the control mechanics went from being left and right arrows with a power meter to a quicker drag and release system. This change was implemented for a couple reasons but mainly due to the fact that Golf Blitz focuses only on the real time multiplayer race mode that made the game famous to begin with. 

By changing the control mechanics we were able to let players line up and take shots faster than the old system. Something important for a quick reaction race mode. Portrait mode also allows for single handed play, which helps with the accessibility of the game and being able to have a quick session without much effort. 

As mentioned, the game solely focuses on real time multiplayer. This means no single player campaign or turn based async play like the games of old. Golf Blitz does however take all the zany power ups, courses and golfers you love and amps it up to 11 in terms of multiplayer madness. Oh, and now the balls can collide with each other! Which can be the most frustratingly rewarding experiences in the game. 

The basics of Golf Blitz are as follows. Start a match and you will be paired with 1-3 players based on your trophy count across both iOS and Android. From there you will be taken to a random course with a random set of power ups to use in that match. The random course and power ups selected are determined by what content each player in the match has unlocked. As you level up your character (more on that in a second) you earn rewards tied to each level such as new courses, card packs and power ups.

You win or lose trophies depending on where you finish in the standings for that match. The wider the gap between trophies that you and your opponents have, the greater the loss or reward. It uses what is called an ELO rating system, with some modifications to suit the game. If you win trophies, you are also rewarded with a card pack. These packs vary in rarity (Classic, Super, Mega, Ultra etc) and contain Golf Bux, Gems, Power Up Cards, Golfers and Hats. Once you have enough Golfer, Hat or Power Up Cards, you are able to unlock that item or level it up.

Levelling up boosts your Golfers XP and on each level up, be it for an individual power up or the base golfer, you are able to put skill points into 4 attributes. These attributes are:

Speed – The speed at which a ball travels from point A to point B. Almost as if it is on fast forward.

Accuracy – Narrows the spread of your shot preview to be more accurate. The wider the spread, the less accurate your shot might be.

Power – The overall distance in which your shots travel.

Cool Down* (On the golfer stats only) – Reduces the cool down timer between shots.

What this means is that each power up and your base golfer shots can be specced out to your play style. Want the Super Ball to be more accurate? You can do that. Need the Sniper Ball to move faster? Then add points into Speed. And if you don’t like what you have done, you can always re-spec your main golfer.

If you don’t want to go at it alone, you can form a team and reap additional rewards. You can chat, trade duplicate cards, play friendly matches to practice and more. Like most LiveOps games, Golf Blitz has seasons and each season there are going to be rewards for individuals, teams and all sorts of fun stuff like exclusive golfer skins, shop deals and more. 

We plan on supporting this game for a long time with more modes and content than you can shake a 5 iron at. Golf Blitz is built on the NC Game system that was developed in house for true competitive multiplayer. This means the game is all run server side and is impossible to cheat or hack. 

We really hope you enjoy the game and if you have any press released questions please email us at Any issues with the game please refer to

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