Yesterday was  Cinco De Mayo and what a better day to announce and celebrate our partnership with Mexican game developers One Simple Idea and to reveal our upcoming game Mucho Taco!

Mucho Taco isn’t your average cookie clicker. It’s a Taco Flicker!

Mucho Taco is an idle game with a combination of clicker mechanics. In it you follow the advice of Barbacoatl, a shaman-like taco expert who teaches the player all about the golden tortilla, a magical artifact that has the power to create an infinite amount of tacos.

The player can use this power to amass tasty tacos and build their own taco empire by purchasing restaurants and upgrades that will make them even more tacos.

There are two main areas in the game, the taco production as well as the taco stand management. Stay tuned closer to release on how these two systems will operate as well as more information on Mucho Taco! In the meantime, go grab a taco or two and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a few cervezas!

screen1   screen2