small fry title

Hey everyone!

We are super excited to finally announce a brand new game we having been working on with No Monkeys Studios called “The Adventures of Small Fry”.  No Monkeys has been working hard on developing the game and we were honored when they came to us to help finish the title and publish it for them.

There are a lot of endless runner games available today, but Small Fry’s awesome art style and unique spin on the gameplay really made it stand out for us. Plus once we got our friend Whitaker Trebella, creator of the awesome Pivvot, to score the game, it really came together nicely.

As you race through the dangerous ocean waters you must avoid all the nasty sea creatures that might slow you down while collecting clams for upgrades and boosts. To make matters worse, the dastardly shark, Wallace “Big Mack” MacKenzie is hot on your tail, looking to snack on poor Small Fry.

However, the game stacks 3 different gameplay elements onto each other as Small Fry isn’t limited to just the ocean. Not only can you swim, but he can soar through the air and if you are skilled enough, even outer space! Each section, water, air and space all play differently, which adds a new and addictive level of depth to the game.

Small Fry will be coming out in November and we cant wait for you guys to try it!