First off, we want to thank everyone who has downloaded Stick Golf! We are thrilled beyond words to have over 1 million downloads and so many positive reviews in the app store and around the blogosphere. We were so encouraged by the response that we decided Stick Golf deserved a major upgrade. After a few months of silence, we are SUPER pumped to release SUPER STICK GOLF! It’s Stick Golf. Supered. We’ve added power-ups (6 of them), 8 new courses, plenty of slick visual tweaks, a complete chiptune soundtrack with a theme for every new course, Game Center support, and retina support.

It was tough knowing that we were not going to have new course updates for SG while we were working on SSG (sorry ’bout that), but there are only so many hours in a day. In reality, Super Stick Golf is much closer to the game we first envisioned at the beginning. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more in the works as well, including new course packs, a sweet new challenge mode, and multiplayer!

As well, we are extremely lucky to work with the very talented Whitaker Blackall, who created an amazing album of chiptune music for SSG. We love it. Check it out here. The album is $3, and you can get 3 tracks for free.

Lastly, Andrew over at, just posted a really cool review of Super Stick Golf here. Here’s a video of game play he’s added: