Jupiter Jump, the first entry of our “Noodlecade” games is almost here!

Jupiter Jump is a simple, one touch, twitch style arcade game that is fast paced and brutally difficult in the best of ways.

Being propelled from the force of your crashed ship, all you can do is tap to increase your gravity and slam down to the surface.  Avoid the mines and bank as many points as you can. However there is a catch. If you can get close enough to the mines without blowing yourself to bits, you will get a near miss bonus that increases your score multiplier.

The higher your multiplier, the better your score, but the better chance you might end up as tiny bits of space junk.  It is classic risk vs reward and incredibly addictive.  There are also portals to new worlds that might even provide you with a bit of a bonus if you can get there.

Jupiter Jump will be free and ad supported with an iAP to turn them off if you choose.  You can also see your friends scores with the local leaderboard integration.  We are hoping for a launch in the next couple weeks depending on the review process.  Stay tuned via twitter for all the news!