noodlesOver the past year we have been working hard porting and publishing iOS games to Android for amazing indie devs all over the world.  With each game our publishing network and promotional power continues to grow which resulted in some amazing success stories for games like Happy Jump, Zombie Road Trip and Punch Quest, just to name a few. To date we have launched 6 games on iOS, over 30 titles on Google Play, grown our iOS and Android network to over 45 million players internally and over 150 million externally due to partnerships with other indie friends.  And with all this we even somehow managed to launch our own long awaited sequel, Super Stickman Golf 2® in the process.

There is one game though fans have been waiting for us to release and we are happy to announce that the 2d crafting hit The Blockheads will be finally be coming to Android in September!  We have been working hard on the port over the past few months but admittedly with everything going on, it was taking longer than we wanted.  The Blockheads is a huge game and on top of that devs are coming to us with bigger and better games to port and publish theses days.  So we figured we figured it was time to add some more ammunition to our inventory.


That is why we are excited to finally announce that we have been working with the fine folks over at Apportable to level up both our services.  Apportable, like us, has been working on porting tech to bring iOS games to Android.  However our focus was never to use the tech for porting only, but instead build an indie friendly publishing network that also ported games if need be.  Being indie devs we know it can be tough sometimes to market your game and get noticed.  So we figured we could use our experience to help out in that regard along with the porting, support and all that “fun” stuff that comes with Android.

By sharing technology with Apportable, we are able to work together to build out better services for both our companies.  It gives us additional porting tools on top of our own and they get a preferred publishing partner in Noodlecake Games for anyone who is looking for it.  Our porting technologies were so similar but we each wanted to do different things with them, so this seemed like a no brainer partnership.

So the big question is, does this change anything for our friends or soon to be dev friends moving forward?  Frankly no.  Our day to day service of porting and publishing great games is not going to change.  However with the added collaboration of Apportable, we can ensure that what we offer is the best it can be and Apportable has an outlet to send developers in need of additional exposure. Win win.

Team Noodlecake

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