Big news on some awesome RocketCat Games we are working on.  First up we are excited to announce the release of Mage Gauntlet on Android Sept 18th! The predecessor to Wayward Souls, Mage Gauntlet still is considered one of the best action RPGs on mobile. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and The Secret of Mana, you have to fight and explore your way through a humorous storyline about eccentric wizards, powerful artifacts, and dangerous monsters.

The game will be launching at $1.99 for the first week on a launch sale then move up to $2.99 regular price.  Stay tuned for more information closer to launch.


Secondly, as you probably are aware, Wayward Souls has recently been updated on iOS with controller support and some other goodies.  Well now that we have the final version of the update, we too will be updating the Android versions of Wayward.  And what better time to release the update than the same week as the Mage Gauntlet launch aka Sept 18th.  The price will also be increasing soon after the update hits so get it now! The full change log is as follows:

– Big new dungeon added: Endless Mode. A max difficulty dungeon with random floor types. See how far you can get!
– Scoreboards added for Endless Mode. Shows your character used, their hat, and what floor you got to.
– Controller support, including support for menus and the tutorial.
– By popular request: Boss healthbars at the bottom of the screen.
– More hats.
– New “Support” section in extras.
– Coin magnet is now stronger, kicks in faster.
– Saint Statue changes:
– Fixed a big bug that mostly prevented them from appearing
– Statue buffs last between level transitions.
– Getting “Protection” also protects your other buffs.
– Rogue’s Fake Out upgrade is now completely revamped
– Dashing through an enemy for first time places a decoy of yourself
– Decoy works like the mage’s item, Walwin’s Frock
– Adventurer Lantern changes.
– Using a lantern now roots you in place for 0.4 seconds.
– All lanterns now do more damage. We may adjust this upwards.
– Rare new enemy group added.
– More or less impossible to achieve secret hat added.