We have been following the development of Suzy Cube for quite some time now. The Touch Arcade team has been posting about it and showcasing the game for the past couple years at GDC so it has been on my radar as one of those “must plays” for mobile. Anyone who was a fan of Mario 3D Land or Super Mario 64 will instantly know why.

This past year at GDC however we were lucky enough to meet Louis from Louard On Games at a party and the rest as they say, is history. Apparently there were many things that were slowing the release of the game and a lot of “not fun” stuff Louis didn’t want to deal with. Like porting it to more platforms, optimizations and lots of non-core gameplay type things. These are all the things we really specialize in and it wasn’t long before we knew this would be a perfect partnership.

Suzy Cube has been Louis’s baby for years now and we understand handing off a project like this to a publisher can be a scary thought. However we are confident that with our help we can make Suzy Cube even better and ready for not just your pockets, but some other controller based platforms as well.

If you want to keep up to date on all things Suzy, be sure to follow Louis’s development blog. 

~ Team Noodlecake