Calling all taco lovers!

To celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year, the fine folks at One Simple Idea decided to update Mucho Taco with a supreme sized amount of content. Enough to warrant a sequel, Mucho Taco now boasts and insane amount of new end game content as well as refactoring some of the original content of the game.

The TL;DR of this update is that a new ritual system has been added to allow for multiple prestiges/play throughs, as well more ingredients ways to use them. An Offline Chef system to manage more tacos when you are not playing as well as relics that can be found to permanently stat boost your taco production.

There really is so much stuff jammed into this update that the change log might be the easiest way to parse all this info. Coming to both iOS and Android on May 5th!

Change Log:

• ​*NEW*​ Ancient legends speak of a map that leads to a secret ritual ground. If a Tacologist were to complete this map and journey to this ancient place, then it would be able to harness the cosmic power of the Taco and gain un imaginable powers that would bring even more tacos to the universe!
• ​*NEW*​ More Ingredients! Plus new ways you can use those ingredients.
• ​*NEW*​ Stats and Achievements! Try to get all the achievements, and keep track of every taco you have ever made!
• ​*NEW*​ Offline Chef system! Did you think restaurants just created tacos out of thin air? Now you can manage the production of each restaurant while you’re not playing with the Chef system.
• ​*NEW*​ Relics! Aztecs had so much relics laying around that some of them landed on Mucho Taco. Relics are inserted or in restaurants similarly the ingredients, but are permanent and are accompanied by a visual change in the restaurant.
• ​*NEW*​ Are you felling lucky? Mucha Suerte now occasionally gives you a bonus try. Welcome to “Extra Mucha Suerte”!
• ​*NEW*​ The shop has new items! Buy talismans that can change your luck, or summon a Fiesta worth of Piñatas!
• ​*NEW*​ Multiple Easter-Eggs!  Try to find them all!
• Multiples fixes and tweaks here and there.