Happy New Year everyone!

The Noodlecake team is back in action after the break and ready to burst out of the gates for 2014.  We have a ton of stuff to talk about and can’t wait to start releasing what we have in store.  Since there is so much, I am going to just do a quick run down in bullet form of what you can expect in the next couple months.

Game Updates:


– Super Stickman Golf 2® will be updated on Jan 9th with some awesome new content.  A post dedicated to this can be found here.

– Punch Quest Android is going to get a whole bag of awesome added to it. RocketCat and Madgarden added a bunch of new goodies to the iOS version and we are working hard to get the content out to our Android faithful.  Who wants to punch some snakes?

– The Blockheads has had a few run ins with bugs recently, so a big update is in the works to address many of these issues.  Members of the official Blockheads forum are being added to a beta testing group as we speak.

New Games to Port and Publish:

– Spin Safari, a brand new title from Bulwark Studios is going live on Jan 9th.  This awesome Zuma-esk puzzler is jam packed full of levels and fun.  Fans of casual puzzle games are really going to love it.  Check out the trailer!

– The Adventures of Small Fry is an awesome new game from No Monkeys Studios.  With killer art and a fun new take on the endless runner(swimmer) genre, Small Fry is something we hope you  enjoy as much as we do.  Small Fry will be out on Jan 16th on iOS and Android.

– Another Cased Solved is the next big game from At Games, the geniuses who brought us the amazing Puzzle Craft. You play a junior detective trying to make a name for yourself using a variety of puzzle and match 3 style game play mechanics to solve your cases.  This one is planned for a end of Jan release on iOS and an early Feb launch on Android so keep an eye out for more news soon.

– Wayward Saga is one of the upcoming titles from RocketCat games, part of the team behind the mega hit, Punch Quest.  This Zelda meets Dark Souls rogue-like title is guaranteed to please.


We also have a handful of other new titles I am not sure I can talk about yet, including one from Spokko, the team behind Zombie Road Trip and the Tiki Totems games. But when I can, you will be the first to know!

Android Ports:

As always, we are continuing to grow our publishing division and are excited to work with some amazing new games in the new year. Coming down the pipeline in the first few months of 2014 we have:


– Polymer

– Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks

– PuzzleBits


– Mage Gauntlet



1st Party Games:

And of course everyone wants to know, when is our next game coming out?! Well all I can say is that we have a handful of smaller projects we want to see the light of day in 2014.  It has been far too long since we launched our own game and we hope 2014 is when we can really roll out some cool stuff to you guys.

Needless to say we are 6 days into 2014 and I already feel like we are running out of time!! It is going to be a crazy year.


– Team Noodlecake