Today we’re super excited to unveil some breath-taking games that we’ve been patiently working on for a long time! Apple’s new Arcade service is now available for users on iOS 13 and we’re thrilled to have multiple games included in Apple Arcade for launch.

The service is jam-packed with high-quality games from top game developers and we’re very grateful to be included. We’ve been developing and publishing award-winning mobile games since 2011 in sleepy Saskatoon, Canada and Arcade marks the next chapter in our journey.

We’re working with some especially talented developers and artists from around the world on some absolutely top-class Apple Arcade games and we’d love to highlight a few of those games here!

The Enchanted World

The Enchanted World is a beautifully crafted puzzle game by AI Interactive that follows the journey of a fairy whose world has been torn apart by dark forces. She must use her ingenuity, a dash of magic and a little bit of help from her friends to piece her world back together.

The game’s main mechanic seems simple at first. Most people have seen sliding block puzzles before, but this game takes the idea and runs with it, adding layers of depth without overwhelming complexity. Mix in some delightful, origami-inspired low-poly 3D artwork and satisfying animations and the game becomes more than simply the sum of it’s parts.

The story of this game is an especially personal tale, as the Bosnian development team grew up through the darkness of the Bosnian War. Thanks to their parents who were able to frame small chores as epic quests, the team developed a love for games as an escape and a way to cope with the realities of the war-torn world around them. Having survived the war in childhood the duo hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that they had a great game inside them waiting to be made–The Enchanted World is that game.

Towaga: Among Shadows

The first time we saw the animation and artwork in an early version of Towaga we were simply blown away. Towaga: Among Shadows is a masterpiece of old school hand-drawn animation, juicy gameplay and compelling characters.

Towaga was developed by the talented Swiss game makers at Sunnyside Games and tells the story of an epic fight against darkness. In Towaga: Among Shadows players will learn to master the light to defeat the forces of Metnal the Voidmaker and his legion of monsters. Discover devastating spells, unlock new abilities and equip powerful gear to help you on your quest!


Possessions is something special, it’s one of those games that is tough to describe but when you see it in action it all makes sense. At its heart, it’s a minimal 3D puzzle game that uses some tricks of forced perspective to make objects appear to float mid-air from some angles but look totally natural from other perspectives. Beyond the beautiful visuals and clever gameplay, there’s also a compelling story about a family that’s growing up together—all told though vignettes shown between levels with no dialogue or text. It’s a simple and elegant package that feels right at home in the Apple Arcade catalogue.

Possessions was created by a talented Indian development team over at Lucid Labs. They’ve been working on perfecting Possessions and crafting this beautiful gameplay experience for years. We’re so excited to get this game in the hands of players all over the world! Give it a shot and see how a change of perspective can change your whole world.

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