“We understand why so many small development teams are afraid or unwilling to take the leap into the android market. When we originally ported Super Stickman Golf, it was a lengthy process, and there were many stumbling blocks along the way, not to mention the massive increase in support emails and time spent putting out fires. We didn’t want to have to go through all that again, so we decided to find a better way.” – Noodlecake Studios

Its no secret that the process of porting iOS games to the Android platform has been met with rough waters. The fragmentation of Android devices is growing, and along with them the amount of bugs and support issues developers are facing. Some indie developers have even gone so far as to say that the platform is unsustainable due to the resources needed to handle these ongoing support problems.

These issues are familiar to us at Noodlecake Studios and prompted the creation of Noodlecake Games, a porting and publishing entity designed to alleviate many of these problems. Through our efforts over the past year, we have developed technology that allows us run iOS code natively on android devices.  What that means for developers is there is no need to rewrite iOS code for the Android platform, it all runs automatically. To be expected, many developers at first didn’t believe what we were doing was even possible.

“The developers at Noodlecake are Android-coding ninjas. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have their iOS app seamlessly ported to Android with zero hassles? Are these guys for real? Yes.” – James Bossert, Co-Founder Fairlady Media

As we continue to refine this tech, we have found and continue to find solutions to problems that most developers are not even aware of until they are neck deep in the process.

“It’s more than just running iOS code directly on Android.  Handling multiple screen resolutions, CPU performance, graphics capabilities, are just the tip of the iceberg of issues developers are facing.  With every new test phone/tablet we receive, we’re still amazed at the differences we find from device to device.  Its just not economical for small studios to maintain 20-30 devices for testing.” – Jordan Schidlowsky, CEO Noodlecake Studios

Alongside the porting process, Noodlecake Games also handles all the ongoing Android support issues and distribution amongst the various marketplaces. Our experience allows us to be more equipped to deal with and handle all these headaches which have caused developers to turn away from Android in the first place.

“I have a hard enough time dealing with the relatively few possible hardware configurations for iOS, so as a solo app developer, there’s no way I’d be able to support the hundreds of devices that run Android. And it’s not just the technical aspects of porting to Android that frighten me, but also the fact that it’s a whole new ecosystem, with completely different marketplaces and user demographics.” – Matt Rix, Developer of Trainyard

The initial response from developers has been overwhelming. So much so that starting on May 10th, Noodlecake Games will be launching the Game A Week Project (#GAWP). Starting with our title Lunar Racer and then developer Matt Rix’s smash hit Trainyard, we will be bringing a new iOS game to the Android market each week thereafter for the upcoming months.


If you are a developer or want to learn more about Noodlecake Games and the Game A Week Project, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Marketing and Business Development Director 

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