We are beyond excited to announce we will be working with Bloodirony Games on their new roguelike shoot’em up, Shooting Stars! If you are not familiar with Shooting Stars then first off, what is your deal?! Seriously.

Shooting Stars is a tale as old as time you’ve heard a million times before.  Aliens have secretly conquered the earth and replaced all the famous pop-culture superstars by installing evil marionettes serving one purpose only – to control all human life. The sacred rainbow unicorn made it your mission to free the imprisoned stars, fight back the evil aliens and restore the balance of entertainment on planet earth. Like I said, a tale as old as time itself.

Using classic top down shoot’em up mechanics, Shooting Stars combines that classic game play with roguelike elements similar to The Binding of Isaac.  The game has two modes, a card collection mode that randomly generates your levels and a daily run that allows you to compete against your friends in a daily challenge. There are tons of crazy bosses, weapons and upgrades to collect but I dont want to spill all the beans just yet.

Shooting Stars will be available early to mid July so stay tuned for more news as it drops and join the community over at Bloodironys website and get in on the fun early.

“Ever since we started to work with NCG it feels like being part of a loving and caring family. Their great expertise and professional support help us to push us and Shooting Stars even further. NCG, so much wow!” – Bloodirony Games

Awww so many feels! Love those guys.