Perfect Grind is an upcoming single touch mobile skate boarding game. If you were a fan of Tony Hawk Pro Skater or just a fan of skateboarding games in general we would love to have you try it out. Information on how to install the game will be emailed out in the coming days after you sign up.

We are capping this at the first 1000 people who sign up. If you miss out there will be an open beta in the near future as well. Stay tuned on our Twitter @noodlecakegames for more info.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

To get into the beta please follow these steps:

  1. Join the Google Group found here (just for managing access to the beta)
  2. Opt-In to the beta by visiting this page and clicking the “BECOME A TESTER” button
  3. Follow the link to the Google Play Store page to download to your device (Note: it may take some time after opting-in before the game is available)