SSG2 Update



We know it has been a longer wait than some of you expected, but we really wanted to make this update something substantial. With our goals for the update and all the other things going on at Noodlecake HQ, trust me when I say, we have been trying to get the update out as quickly as possible. The truth is, game development just takes time.  To prove we are not just blowing smoke up your butts, here is what you can expect:


First off we are adding in a few new characters into the list and tweaking the required amount of XP to unlock them.  We found the grind after Level 25 was getting a little too steep so we have lowered some of the total XP requirements for players.
That means you should be sporting some new looks faster than before!

fezbearded devil


Including a sweet blue beard, fez (no it doesn’t rotate the world), and more, there will be 7 new stylish hats to unlock that all have their own unique attributes.  I don’t want to give away what the hats do, but all I can say is a few of them are game changers.  Think you have the best score possible on a course?  Well think again. Plus there is one that is so ridiculous I cant wait for you guys to hear it in action.


One of the most common requests we get from players is a way to turn off the power ups and hats entirely in multiplayer.  Well now you can challenge your friends in both the Turn Based and Race modes using the new, “Clean Ball” mode. No more one sided matches if you haven’t unlocked all the power ups or hats.  This is a game of pure skill baby.


Of course there would be new courses! We are adding 2 New Tours to the game in this update and don’t worry, there will be more in the future as well.  One of the courses even has over 75 Golf Buxs in it…say what?! With the new courses we have introduced a few new hazards for you to contend with as well.  Watch out for the nasty new spinning blades.  They be sharp yo.

IMG_0048  IMG_0047



We have integrated the hot new replay system called Everyplay for ultimate bragging rights.  You can now save, edit and share all those HOLY #$%! moments that come standard with almost every round of SSG2. I can’t wait to see what type of crazy shots you guys are going to be sharing.



– 10+ New Achievements and Bonus Goals.

– A hot new track by the creator of the new SSG theme, Jordan Trask of the band 911 Turbo.

– Google Cloud integration for saving progress between devices on Android.

– Various bug fixes. Includes a major one that involved a Turn Based game exploit that dirty cheaters figured out.

– Bux Bux Bux.  With the new courses, achievements and goals, there are a bunch of new Golf Bux to be earned.  As well we will be doing some lottery balancing with the addition of the new hats and will be giving away bux with a new daily rewards system.



We just got all our ducks in a row with all the different stores and we are happy to announce the update will be live across all platforms Aug 15th!


Much Love,

Team Noodlecake