Super Stickman Golf 2® Update #2


SSG2 is almost a year old! Where does the time go…

Over the past 10 months we have been listening to your requests and decided to theme this update around some of the most common features you, our loyal fans have been asking for.  And since the SSG games are widely known for their multiplayer craziness, this update is centred more around multiplayer additions. Oh and before you ask, the update will be live for both Android and iOS on the same day.

1. Turn Based Chat

First up, Turn Based Chat!  It is one thing to make a crazy shot and post a video online for everyone to see.  But sometimes that just isn’t enough when you really want to rub it in your opponents face.  Well now you can twist the knife even more with a chat  feature for each match.  Just remember, golf is a gentlemen’s/gentlewoman’s game, so keep it classy 😉


2. Wagering

Think you’re the best? Have a friend who won’t shut up about his SSG skills?  Want to prove it? Well now you can up the ante with wagers for Turn Based multiplayer. No more empty threats.  Put some hard earned Golf Bux on the line and put your money where your mouth is. Or just play a friendly game like before, we wont judge.


3. Ball Trails

Have you been dominating online and have some extra cash to spend? Well now you can pimp out your balls (that sounded weird) with some new Ball Trails! These are purely cosmetic but add some real style to your game.  Time to assert your independence like a 14 year old teenager.

bluetrail_grassyland rainbowtrail_spaceland





trail1    trails2trails3    trails4




4. New Courses

Of course what would an update be without some new courses? Boring that’s what. Well we added a new tour and unless you live under a rock, you should know that we have added an amazing Super Meat Boy course to the game!  In addition we have 2 more standard SSG style courses, Gears Land and Implausible Land (sorry we had to) and one new one that really changes things up a bit.

Introducing Space Land! What makes this any different than the other space themed courses we have?  Well how about ZERO Gravity.  You can take everything you know about the physics of SSG2 and throw it out the window because in zero g’s, things act a little differently.  Just ask Sandra Bullock.

gearsland implausibleland meatboy1 meatboy2

5. Name Changing

Having buyers remorse on your first Turn Based name, Buttmaster1123? Well now instead of flooding our support email with embarrassed regret you can change it yourself to whatever weirdness you please.  So when Buttmaster1123 gets old, you can switch it up to Buttmaster69.  Hooray!

That basically sums it up.  I know we left out a couple major things like new hats and achievements this time around, but rest assured.  If all goes according to plan, this wont be the last Super Stickman Golf 2® update to drop in 2014.

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Happy Golfing!

– Team Noodlecake


Oh and one last thing…..

SSG2 is going FREE on iOS for a limited time starting Jan 9th with the update!