Everyones favorite punch riddled runner, Punch Quest, is about to be updated on Google Play today and dropped to the low, low price of $0.00!

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This new update packs a real punch (pun embarrassingly intended) and includes a few new abilities and a new monster for you to pummel.

The details of this update include:

– New enemy in some sections, Snakes!
– Daily sharing bonuses mostly replaced with a button that lets you watch video ads for coins.
– Time Loan penalty removed.
– We’re putting in a button to turn ads off (if you buy any IAP). This will shut off our chartboost cross-promo stuff and the above video ads.
– Two new Power II abilities. One replacing the slam with a spinning move, and the other changes how Supers work, letting you manually activate them in a huge explosion.
– Shuffling Boosts around to hopefully make the store menu nicer. May play with this more later.
– Confirmation for when you tap the “buy another slot” button in Customize.
– Various improvements, bugfixes, tweaks.

[from RocketCat FB Account]

*Note the Humble Bundle version will be updated in the near future as well!