So a few months ago we set the interwebs ablaze with our announcement of SSG2 being in development.  Then, to the outrage of many, we went into radio silence.  Our bad.  But to say things have been busy around Noodlecake HQ would be a gross understatement.  So lets do a quick recap of what you know, and for being awesome fans, we will leak some more details of what to expect in SSG2.  And yes this pertains to both iOS and Android!

What you know:

– New courses
– New power ups
– More dynamic environments
– A-sync multiplayer matches and race multiplayer
– More achievements and goals
– Cloud Saves

What you don’t know:

1. New Characters – Thats right, our classic white pudgy “stickman” will now be joined by a cast of characters for you to unlock.  And no, you are not on acid, well maybe you are, but that is in fact a Ninja wearing a clown wig in the screen shot.  More on the clown wig later.

2. Character Levelling – Ever wanted to open up a new course but just couldn’t break the par barrier?  We’re introducing a new way to progress through the courses.  As you golf, you earn experience points for making great shots, great scores, beating your friends etc.  Every time you level up, you unlock new courses as well as other goodies. Your level will also come into play when match making for online games to add a level of balance. Will you be the first the hit the level cap? Better start working on your short game.

3. Collectable Hats/Loot – What about wanting an extra Nitro boost, or maybe additional power-up slots?  With the new hat system you can customize your play style by adding new perks to your character, along with a stylish new look. Hat Collecting will have a random loot element to it, so try to get them all and wreak havoc on the greens.

4. Release Date – Ok this is a big one.  We had initially hoped to have SSG2 out before the end of the year but realistically it is looking like Q1 next year.  Before you troll us in rage, trust me when I say it is for good reason.  We really want this sequel to be more than just a skinned version of SSG.  We are a small team working around the clock to get this done, so we would love it if you guys could hold out just a bit longer so we can make a killer game.

5. Remix Contest – This isn’t new but I wanted to let you know we are going to close the contest soon.  We have had some great entries so far but are hankering to hear more.  Officially the contest will be over on Friday Nov 16th.  That gives you just over 1 month to get your masterpiece done.  If you need the working files you can download them here.

Well that about sums it up for now.  We still have a few surprises up our sleeves that we’ll save for another time, so stay tuned for that. We are beyond excited to get SSG2 out to you guys and hope you can wait just a little bit longer as we put the final touches on it.

Team Noodlecake