The response to the Aug 15th content update has been amazing! We even got featured by Apple again which was so awesome.  Plus I still can’t stop watching all the ridiculous replays on the Everyplay Site.  Everyone seems to love the new courses and the Rubber Mask/Feather Cap have basically smashed everyones best possible scores from before the update.

However we were hit with a few bugs that slipped past testing and had to scramble to get a fix out.  After a week of waiting for approval from Apple it is finally going live today.  In addition to some other smaller bugs these were the major items we fixed:

– Nitro Burn Achievement Description. Fixed a typo that said Acid Mine instead of Acid Land. Oops :S

– Bug with hats sometimes reactivating during Clean Ball Matches

– Fixed leader boards for new courses both in game and on Game Centre

– Added more pink goo to make some sticky walls more sticky

– Pope Hat effects now applied to saws and acid. Amen.

– Fixed a super weird bug when using the goggles, lazer ball and hitting acid. It was bizarre to say the least.

We have also tried to fix some issues with the iOS 7 betas as well but unfortunately until Apple stops the beta revisions, there is nothing we can do about random weird stuff coming up.  Once we have a final copy on our hands we can make the proper fixes that may or may not need to be done.  We have also found a weird progress bug with jail broken devices.  It has to do with 3rd party apps and the way they do data storage and transfer. If we can sort it out then we will patch that as well, but for now you’ll have to play at your own risk if you use jail broken stuff.