[UPDATE July 30th] – The update has been submitted to Apple for approval.  We are just waiting now to hear if it is approved so we can launch it.  Fingers crossed it is sooner than later. Thanks for everyone for waiting patiently for this update.  We know you will love it!

[UPDATE JULY 17th] – For more details on this update follow this link!

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 11.31.44 AM

Well rest assured they are coming! Hopefully sooner than later…

We are a small team with lots on our plate and in the immortal words of Guns N Roses, we just ask for a little patience.  Our hope for this update is to have not only just courses but also cool new features we think you guys will love.  But at the very least new courses.

After a lot of feedback and some soul searching we are looking at implementing a bunch of new things that may or may not make it into the next update or one down the road.  Some of these features include:

  • More courses with new mechanics
  • Creating and sharing replays for all those crazy moments
  • Turn Based chat to lay down some serious smack talk
  • Clean Ball aka No Power Up multiplayer modes
  • Google Cloud Saves for Android users
  • Ability to change your Turn Based username
  • New characters and hats
  • Networking and iCloud tweaks
  • Currency optimizations

I just want to reiterate that NONE of these are 100% confirmed other than the new courses.  Instead they are are things we are considering. Getting them working in a way we are happy with will dictate the timeframe for the update and the content included in it.  We know you want courses sooner than later so that is our primary concern.

So for being awesome fans here is a small teaser of what to expect with the new courses and the sultry tones of Axel Rose to hold you over until then.

IMG_0321 IMG_0318