The rumours are true! Super Stickman Golf 2® is in development and hopefully coming out later this year! And you better tighten your belt because this sequel is going to blow your pants right off. In addition to all the classic features and modes you know and love, here’s is just a taste of what is new for SSG2:

Game Play – SSG2 is loaded with brand new courses, power ups, environmental hazards, achievements, collectables and some awesome surprises I can’t even talk about yet. Why do a sequel instead of just more levels you ask? Well we felt we couldn’t do the cool things we wanted with the way the game was originally built. So instead of just tacking on more and more of the same, we figured we would rebuild from the ground up. And trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed!

Asynchronous Multiplayer – You wanted it you got it. In addition to the classic multiplayer race mode, we are bringing turn based play so you can challenge your friends for total SSG dominance. Just at your own pace.

Puzzle Mode – Think you have the maddest SSG skills around? Well put it to the test in our new Puzzle Mode. These scenario based puzzle holes will bring an all new challenge and set of rewards to even the most seasoned of SSG players.
To celebrate this monumental announcement we decided drop the price of Super Stickman Golf® to FREE for a limited time. If you haven’t hit the links on our Canadian Video Game Award nominated, Rocket and Raygun winning game, now is the time!

Oh and one last thing. We want our fans to make the new theme song! Well sort of. We are holding a remix/cover contest for all the audiophiles and super fans out there. Download the files of the original SSG Theme and remix away! Contest details will be posted  below and if we like what we hear, your song could be the new theme music for SSG2!



Just follow the link to download the musical assets and get remixin’!  Once you are happy with your masterpiece, email them in to ryan@noodlecake.com.  It could be a sweet techno mix, dub step, or make up lyrics and do an acoustic cover song…whatever your little heart desires! If we like what we hear, we will post a link to your awesome tune on our site.  If we can’t narrow it down to which we like best, then we will probably put it to a vote, cheesy reality TV show style.  Our/your pick will then get to be the new theme song for millions to hear! Pretty sweet prize if I do say so myself.

Time for a little legal mumbo jumbo.  If you submit an entry we are not obligated to post, share or use the music in any way other than we see fit.  By submitting your song you are agreeing that we (Noodlecake) has the right to use the song in the game Super Stickman Golf 2® without fee or cost to Noodlecake Studios.  You, the creator, will be given song credit with along with acknowledgement of the original artist who composed the original track(s).