[UPDATED MARCH 16th Re: Turn Based Crashes]

The game is out and we cant believe the response!  We cant thank you guys enough.

Just a small FAQ based on some of the initial feedback:

1 – iCloud is working but only runs in the background.  It may take a minute and if it says it failed, just wait and try again.

2 – Username Challenges on Android – This feature is coming very soon! We didnt have time to perfect it before the iOS launch and wanted to make sure Android users had a game to play the same day.  Practice up against random people then when the challenge mode hits you will be able to show off how good you are!

3 – More courses are coming! If you are a fan of Indie Games you will love the designs!  That is all I can say for now 😉

4 – Bug with Jail Broken Devices.  If your Turn Based games are crashing the app, try run the device in Safe Mode.  This should fix it for now until we issues a patch.

Now get golfing!