Hey team!

First off let’s call a spade a spade. We have been a bit on the quiet side about SSG3 after initially showing it off a year ago at GDC. And we apologize to all the rabid fans about that. However the game was at a VERY early stage back then and perhaps we shouldn’t have talked about it. But we were just so damn excited!

Well after a year of hard work, we are getting to that time where we can really start to talk about the game. We don’t have a deadline for release just yet, but it is getting closer and closer! As soon as we know, we will shout if from the rooftops. For now, just hang in there buddy.

This year at GDC we will be showing the current state of the game off to press, so in the immortal words of Sam Jackson just “hold onto your butts”.


In the meantime I thought it would be fun to share a goofy video we made about the “making” of SSG3. As much of a joke as this is, there are a few secrets in the video about new features, power ups and game play mechanics in the game. Can you pick them out? How do you think they will work? Speculate away!