We got our hands on some beautiful backgrounds for your desktop and phone. Check them out and feel free to use and share!

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What is that saying? Balloons have all the fun?

I dunno. Im not good with sayings. But what I do know is that The Balloons is coming next week on Oct 1st and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Balloons is a beautiful pixel art, high score chaser with lovable characters and is tons of fun. It is a collaboration from us at Noodlecake, Hyper Beard Games and Apps-O-Rama.

The Balloons is the first endless floater where you take control of your favorite character and soar as high as you can all while avoiding the dangerous spikes, dart shooters, waterfalls and more. Using a simple tap mechanic, players tap either side of the screen to propel their balloon of choice up and away.

There are tons of great characters such as Magenta, Blue, Frog, Ghost, Rock and even Pizza! And some of these characters will even bring an entirely new look to the game. You will get addicted to unlocking them all!