**NOTE** The nitro ball unlock isn’t quite working 🙁 Unfortunately this version contains a bug that unlocks the achievement but doesn’t actually unlock the ability to select the coveted nitro ball. We’re working to fix this asap, and get a fix to apple soon.


Well update 1.4 for Super Stickman Golf is finally here and just went live on the app store. Be sure to check it out as it has a new course and a new powerup. We’ve made a few fixes here and there, and will be making a few more fixes in the next update.

A few people are having issues with setting up online matches and receiving the error ‘Unable to determine host device’. I have been testing a lot lately and have experienced the same issues myself. We’re going to have a look into the issue and hopefully have a fix in place for the next update.

This update also introduces a much needed fix for game center invite handling. The previous version had a bug that would not process invites properly. With this update game center updates should be working much better.