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We are currently in the works of finishing up a new DLC course pack for SSG2 and after getting tons of emails from people suggesting course and hole ideas, we figured we would let you guys give it a shot! This isnt a contest or anything either.  We just wanted to give an open invite to players to share their ideas.

Character models, hats, courses you name it, we want to see it.  They can be hand drawn, photoshopped or whatever you want.  We have the course pack about 75% done so we thought it would be cool to give the keys to the inmates to see what happens for the last 25%.

Submit your course or hole ideas to and if we like what we see, we might use it in an update.  If not we will share our favorite posts with everyone just so people can see all the cool stuff. Dont worry too much about graphics either.  We will have to revamp the designs to fit with the games style so it is more about the course layout than anything.

If we end up using one of your holes, we will give you some sort of credit on the course such as posting your name or Twitter handle in there somewhere.  Also if we dont use it in the next update, we might later on so there is no real deadline for this.


We are not obligated to use anyones designs or ideas and anything you submit. We also might take sections of a hole if we see something interesting that could be applied elsewhere. For example we might combine 9 various holes into one course and pick the theme, or take someones theme and apply various holes to it.  Really we are going to do whatever the hell we want with it 😉

For us to consider an entire hole design you MUST follow the guidelines below:

– All holes MUST be able to be completed without the use of power ups.

CANNOT have areas where players can get trapped, thus making it impossible to finish the hole.

– You CAN use the mechanics already laid out in the game.  For example portals, sticky walls, moving objects, magnets can all be incorporated.

– If it is a mechanic that doesn’t exist in the game currently, then odds are we WONT be able to integrate it.

– Dont get too bonkers with the designs or hole lengths (pot calling the kettle black?).  If it requires a Par of 10 or over, odds are the hole is too long. Pars of 1-5 are the sweet spot.

Anyways that is about it.  Remember email your stuff to and lets see how creative you can be!