Wondering what we have been up to since the launch of Super Stickman Golf 2® and what our next game was going to be? Well the wait is over!

First and foremost ,we spent a lot of time working on updates, bug fixes and supporting SSG2 the best we could in 2013.  Being a smaller team and also running our porting and publishing division, it is easy for us to get side tracked working with other developers.  Which we absolutely LOVE doing btw!

Over the past year we encouraged everyone here to prototype different game ideas to see what we could come up with. A ton of cool ideas have been shown but none of them felt right for longer in-depth experiences like SSG2.  Instead we found ourselves with a handful of shorter more arcade like games.  Which isn’t surprising since games like Super Hexagon, Pivvot, Towerfall and more have been what we seemed to pick up and play the most in our spare time.

We weren’t sure if these games were going to see the light of day but finally decided instead of just sitting on them, lets polish them up and release them to the world!  It is just too much fun releasing games for us not to!  And if the whole Flappy Bird thing taught us anything, it is that short arcade experiences on mobile are alive and well.  (Speaking of which, our Flappy Jam game Flappy Golf is coming very very soon!)

So without further adieu, I’d like to present the first of our “Noodlecade” releases called Jupiter Jump!  More details are coming soon but this hidden camera teaser trailer should give you a good idea what you are in for. Bonus points for anyone who can guess the music in the background!