Just wanted give you guys the scoop on a new game we are helping release from fellow Canadian developer Massive Damage (creators of Please Stay Calm) called Zombie Puzzle Panic!

Being a “publisher” as well as a development team, we have always wanted to work with a wide variety of game types. Be it action, puzzle, racing and more. One genre we never really got into though was match-3. We know match-3’s can be a divisive genre, but when done right, they can be really fun and we love them.

So when Massive Damage came to us with their unique spin and super fun game Zombie Puzzle Panic, we jumped at the chance to work with them.

Zombie Puzzle Panic is maybe best described as 1 part Candy Crush, 1 part Fallout 3 and 1 part zombie apocalypse It uses some familiar match-3 mechanics but changes up the formula by adding various types of zombies, weapons and survivors to the mix.

Mission types vary from taking out zombies, to rescuing survivors to protecting scientists as hordes of the undead swarm your playing field. Some zombies just wander aimlessly while others scratch up or freeze your board making it harder to make matches. You can even deploy armed survivors and position them on the playing field to give yourself a fighting chance!

All these things add up to a super fun, addicting and unique game that we hope you guys will dig. It is probably no surprise, but the game will be F2P and we hope that we hit a fair balance for all players to enjoy.

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