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Jupiter Jump – Coming Soon!

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Jupiter Jump, the first entry of our “Noodlecade” games is almost here! Jupiter Jump is a simple, one touch, twitch style arcade game that is fast paced and brutally difficult in the best of ways. Being propelled from the force of your crashed ship, all you can do is tap to increase your gravity and […]


Introducing Zombie Road Trip: Trials!

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Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that our friends over at¬†Spokko¬†have created a spin off of their hit game¬†Zombie Road Trip¬†called Zombie Road Trip: Trials aka ZRT:Trials. We helped Spokko publish the original ZRT (which was downloaded over 13 million times!) so it was a no brainer that we would help them with the […]


Flappy Golf Update

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Well this was unexpected! When we launched our FlappyJam game, we honestly did not expect much to come from it. ¬†We did know it was fun at least, so that is why we decided to actually put it out there. ¬†I guess we weren’t wrong because a lot of you have played it and a […]